Quantum Training & Security

Quantum Training & Security is one of the leading training schools in Melbourne, Orlando, and Port St. Lucie. Founded by retired law enforcement officers and undercover detectives with experience running from Europe, USA, and the Caribbean, as well as a combination of 70 years of collective and real life experiences.

Quantum will provide you with the training necessary for a confident and solid foundation for a career in security.


Private School

Alternative School

Worship Centers

Charter School

  • Monitoring Of Parking Permits [ Staff, Students, & Visitors ]
  • Mock Up Panic & Drill
  • Bag Scanning
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan

Worship Centers‚Äč

  • Have you covered ?
  • We got you protected

Quantum Security beleives that all men and created equally and all have a free will to worship when and where ever they choose.

Worshipers should not fear or be afraied but we live in a world where a few bad folks for whatever reason has choosen to lindigified the solem moments of worship with evil acts of disrespect, disregards and disdain. Which will lead to their domination.



  • Palm Beach
  • Daytona Beach
  • Vero Beach
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Fort Lauderdale
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